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For more information about 中风 预防, please call 828.315.5000 and ask for the Stroke Coordinator.



Frye Regional Stroke Center
420 N Center St
Hickory, NC 28601
电话: 828.315.5000
Hours of Operation: 24 Hours

The Joint Commission Accreditation

What is a 中风?

Stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is disrupted. 当血凝块阻塞了大脑中的一条重要血管或当大脑中的血管破裂时,就会导致血液流动中断, spilling blood into surrounding tissues.

大脑需要持续的氧气和营养供给才能正常工作. Even a brief interruption in blood supply can cause problems. Brain cells begin to die after just a few minutes without blood or oxygen.

Know the signs and 症状

Symptoms of a 中风 are easy to spot because they happen quickly. It is important to act F.A.S.T. 在这些情况下,因为最有效的中风治疗只能在症状开始后的前三个小时内获得. Look for the following signs of a 中风:

Face – Does one side of the person’s face droop when you ask them to smile?

Arms – Does one arm drift downward when you ask the person to raise both arms?

Speech – Does the person slur speech when asked to repeat a simple phrase?

Time – Call 9-1-1 immediately if you see any of these signs.


  • Confusion, difficulty talking or problems understanding speech
  • Difficulty walking, dizziness, or loss of balance or coordination
  • Intense headache for no known reason
  • 手臂、腿或脸麻木,尤指身体一侧的麻木
  • Trouble seeing out of one or both eyes




Early Care is Important

When someone is having a 中风, they need prompt emergency medical care.  During a 中风, blood supply to the brain is cut off or disrupted, causing part of the brain to go without the oxygen-rich blood it needs.  大脑缺血的时间越长,发生残疾的可能性就越大.

美国国家神经疾病和中风研究所(NINDS)对组织型纤溶酶原激活剂(tPA)的使用进行了为期五年的研究。, a clot-busting drug. 研究发现,在首次中风症状出现后三小时内接受tPA治疗的患者,在三个月后恢复的可能性至少高出30%,几乎没有残疾或没有残疾. When a person is having a 中风, 在使用tPA之前,医生必须首先确定中风是由血栓(缺血性中风)还是由血管破裂(出血性中风)引起的.  This is because tPA can only be used for ischemic 中风s, which account for about 87 percent of all 中风s. 

中风小组的目标是迅速评估病人的病情,并安排诊断中风类型所需的检查. 该团队还致力于稳定患者的血压、心率和其他重要功能.  如果测试表明病人的中风是由于血凝块阻塞了大脑中的静脉, then tPA can be given to help break up the clot.  该团队的目标是在出现中风症状的三个小时内开始使用tPA.

在接受适当的紧急护理后,中风患者被送进中风病房.  中风病房有设备可以持续监测病人的病情.

Reducing Your Risk of Stroke

Some things about yourself you can change, some things you can’t. For example, 你无法改变你可能遗传了你母亲的棕色眼睛或你父亲的酒窝这一事实. Or that you will always have some risk factors for 中风, such as having a family history of 中风 or had a prior 中风, or being a man, African American or over the age of 55. But you change other things about yourself, such as hair color or weight. 你也对其他中风的风险因素有一定的影响,这些因素可能是生活方式的选择造成的. 这里有一些建议可以帮助你控制这些风险因素,并潜在地预防中风.

增加中风几率的危险因素包括高血压, heart disease, 吸烟, 糖尿病, sedentary lifestyle and elevated cholesterol. For more information about treating 中风s, talk with your doctor or visit the National Stroke Association website at www.中风.org.

Manage blood pressure, cholesterol, and 糖尿病

Blood pressure should be checked every one to two years, especially if hypertension runs in your family. 在理想的情况下, 血压应低于140/90毫米汞柱,因为血压升高会损害血管. 过多的胆固醇会导致动脉内壁形成斑块, eventually reducing blood flow or forming blood clots. 成年人应该每五年检查一次胆固醇,如果他们正在接受高胆固醇治疗,应该更频繁地检查一次. 糖尿病的治疗需要防止全身血管受损.

Stop 吸烟



Eat a variety of foods from all food groups, but limit the amount of saturated fat, 反式脂肪, cholesterol, 和钠. 明智的食物选择包括大量富含维生素的水果和蔬菜, 矿物质, 和纤维, as well as unrefined whole-grain foods that have lots of fiber. Aim for at least five servings a day of fruits and vegetables, and select fat-free, one percent fat or low-fat dairy products.

Maintain a healthy weight

超重可能会导致身体将多余的脂肪和胆固醇转化为血管中的斑块,从而减少流向大脑的血液. 额外的体重也会使心脏工作更加困难,增加血压. 即使减掉几磅体重也能帮助降低血压和改善胆固醇水平.

Start moving

Exercise at least 30 minutes a day on most or all days. 有规律的体育锻炼可以燃烧卡路里,减掉多余的体重,同时帮助心脏和血管更好地工作. Always check with your doctor before starting a new exercise program.

Limit alcohol intake

男人一天最多可以喝两杯,而女人最好只喝一杯. 过多的酒精会对你的健康有害,因为它会使血压升高, add empty calories to your diet and raise cholesterol levels.

You may not like your widow’s peak or attached earlobes, but you will like the fact that you can reduce some risk factors of 中风. For more information about 中风 risk factors, 预防, 症状, and treatment, visit the American Stroke Association website at www.中风

For more information about 中风 预防, please call 828.315.5000 and ask for the Stroke Coordinator.

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